Selected Articles

New York Times review of The Signal and the Noise

New York Review of Books review of Blindspot

New York Times, “In Hollywood, Theories of Infinite Dimensions”

New York Times, “It all Adds Up: Review of Love and Math”

New York Times, “The Limits of Control,” We have an innate need for control of our environment. That can inspire great achievement—or lead to sub-optimal behavior.

New York Times, “What are the Odds?”

New York Times, “A Facial Theory of Politics”

Wall Street Journal, “A Hint of Hype, a Taste of Illusion,” Why wine ratings are badly flawed.

Wall Street Journal, “The Triumph of the Random,” Was Joe Di Maggio’s hitting streak a fluke?

Los Angeles Times, “Meet Hollywood’s Latest Genius,” Box office success is more random than you think,1,1850294,full.story.html

It Is, in Fact, Rocket Science

Psychology Today: On The Power of Appearance

Psychology Today: on the Power of Body Language

Psychology Today: On the Power of Voice

Psychology Today: on The Power of Touch

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